Join SEO Jesus in this insightful session as we explore the nuances of using HARO (Help a Reporter Out) for high-quality link building. Discover strategies for crafting compelling responses, understanding the intricacies of digital PR, and leveraging this platform to enhance your website‘s authority and search rankings.

🕒 Time Stamps:

0:00 – Introduction to HARO for Link Building
0:05 – Signing Up as a Source on HARO
0:24 – Navigating Through Business-Oriented Queries
0:36 – Strategies for Responding to Queries Effectively
1:00 – Importance of Using Brand-Specific Email Addresses
1:17 – Success Stories: Featured on Major Publications
1:49 – Understanding Conversion Rates and Challenges
2:22 – The Value of Homepage Links from HARO
2:52 – Targeting Inner Pages for Link Building
3:08 – Changes in HARO and Shift to Connectively
3:45 – Evaluating the New Paid Service for HARO
4:28 – Adapting to HARO’s Evolving Landscape
4:45 – Exploring HARO Alternatives like B2B Writer and Featured
5:22 – Consistency and Process Building in HARO Responses
5:55 – Personal Insights and Strategies for HARO Link Building
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