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1/5/10pcs D22 D43 D66 D88 Rubber Coated Magnet Magnetic Base External Thread Mounting Bracket Holder For Boat LED Light Car Bar


Material :NdFeB Strong Magnetic + Iron Plate + TPE Rubber


Max Working Temperature: -40℃ – 80°C

Surface Treatment: Rubber Seal Packaging


The strong magnetic glue suction cup consists of a neodymag magnet magnet magnet magnet-talked magnetic king composed of a certain magnetic circuit arrangement, and the inner is constructed from a plurality of strong magnetic arrangements, and the suction cup is fully capped with TPE rubber sealing gum, and the magnet is adsorbed. Direct contact of the surface. Preventing the surface of the adsorbed surface from scratching, and also protects the loss and breakage caused by strong magnetic resistance, which increases the service life of the strong magnetic suction cup.


For car ceiling spotlights, cars, van car top advertising light box, broadcast, speaker, etc., wedding car flower disk, camera fixed, car electronic salute fixed, industrial tooling, factory equipment installation and fixation.

Instructions for use:

Directly adsorbed to the surface of the subject. Strong magnetic, please take care of it, try to stay away from bank cards, IC card avoids dismagnet avoiding underage, people and children to play to avoid clamping and misappropriation.