Price: 2.99 - 2.43

10/20/30/50/100/150PCS 10×5 mm Powerful Neodymium Magnet 10mmx5mm Search Diameter Disc Magnet 10x5mm Round Magnets 10*5

Material Quality : Neodymium magnets / NdFeB
Type Rating: N35
Plating: Nickel + Copper + Nickel Triple Layer Plated
Shape: Round
Tolerance: 0~1mm
Max Operating Temperature: 80 Celsius degree / 176 Fahrenheit degree
Magnetic pole direction:Axially magnetized / Poles on Flat Ends

1. The NdFeB magnet is sold by size, the unit of measurement is millimetre, please pay attention to the size.
2. The magnetic property is very strong and the hand is pinched carefully. It is fragile and can be dried and stored at room temperature;
3. The magnet is made of powder powder sintering, which leads to the fragility of physical properties, which is not a quality problem;
4. Only iron can conduct magnetism, and the metal without iron can not be adsorbed;
5.Please do not contact with water. It is easy to rust in humid and corrosive environment;
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