100 The Most Innovative Heavy Machinery In The World

Ever thought about how farming got a high-tech makeover with super cool machines?

Powerful tractors, fancy combine harvesters, and more!
These machines are like the superheroes of farming, making things efficient and productive. So, are you curious to find out why these farm machines are the absolute coolest in agriculture?

Now, let’s talk about tractors

The backbone of innovation in farming. These high-power, low-speed traction vehicles have revolutionised traditional farming practices. Imagine them as mechanical workhorses tailored specifically for the demands of off-road tasks. There are two main types: wheeled and continuous track, each serving as a driving force behind activities like plowing, planting, harvesting, and transportation.

But here’s where it gets interesting – tractors aren’t just vehicles; they’re versatile tools that have evolved to meet the diverse needs of farmers. With the introduction of advanced features like GPS-guided steering and precision farming technologies, tractors have become technological marvels. They allow farmers to perform tasks with unprecedented accuracy, optimising resource use and minimising environmental impact

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Tractors
01:25 – Big Bud 747: Breaking Records
01:56 – Challenger MT875E: Technological Marvel
03:29 – Rotavator
03:40 – The New Holland RE 185
05:08 – Combine Harvester
05:30 – John Deere Harvester CH570
06:03 – Nexat Harvestor
06:46 – Harrows
07:19 – Harrowing over Heliodor 9

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