Tk103a GPS locator tracker car anti-theft device motorcycle electric vehicle tracker vehicle


product advantages

Special GPS positioning anti-theft device for vehicle (12v-24v)
Base station + GPS real-time dual positioning, monitoring,
Remote oil and power cut-off
SMS deployment / removal.
Remote control arming / disarming.
GPS blind zone alarm
SOS, electronic fence, shift, overspeed, low power, power failure alarm
Door alarm, ACC alarm, vibration alarm
Provincial GPRS traffic mode
SMS tracking with Google map link
Text geographic location query
Web version tracking and positioning platform, PC version tracking software,
1 start the equipment
2 initialization settings
3 set password
4 set number
5 set the center number
6 single positioning
7 upload interval
8 base station location query
10 data storage (optional)
11 low power alarm
12 power failure alarm
13 emergency alarm
14 electronic fence
15 overspeed alarm
16 vibration alarm
17 acc status alarm
18 set alarm mode
19 cut off / restore oil and electricity
20 oil quantity detection and alarm function (optional)
21 deployment
22 disarm
23 remote control function (tk103b optional)
24 GPRS and SMS mode conversion
25 vehicle status query
26 device hardware restart function
27 IMEI code query
28 terminal time setting
29 set IP (DNS) and port  app name:trackerhome

 Main function
1.Location based service(LBS) + GPS double real time tracking solution,monitor
2.For vehicle (12V-24V)
3.remote shutdown vehicle engine and resume
5.GPS blind spot alert
6.SOS,Geo fence, movement, overspeed, low battery and power off alert
7.Less gprs traffic mode
8.Free PC based tracking software and web online server
9.Absolute street address by SMS
10.SMS tracking on cellphone with google maps link
11.Door alarm, ACC alarm and shock sensor alarm