1pc Portable CO2 Detector Air Quality Monitor CO2 Meter Manual Set CO2 Alarm Threshold and Sound Can Be Turned Off CO2 Detecting

This product is an air quality monitor that detects Carbon dioxide(CO2),Temperature, and Humidity. it combines sensors real-time
monitoring of Carbon dioxide (CO2),temperature, and humidity on its display.


Common Screen display
Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa – 106Kpa
Detection method for CO2 : Infrared (NDIR)
Sampling time: 1.5 seconds
Product Size: 80*70*35 MM
Detection temperature: -10°C to 50°C;
Relative humidity: 20% – 85%
Storage temperature: -10°C to 60°C;
Concentration unit for CO2:PPM
Power source: Lithium battery with 1600mAh capacity;
5V DC power charging via micro USB port
Product net weight: 115g
WS-DM77 Features:
– Common Screen display
-Test variables:Carbon dioxide (CO2),temperature, humidity
-Large 1600mAh capacity Lithium battery 
-5V Micro USB charging

1. Start Up

When you long-press the power button, the air quality monitor will boot up.
Product Key function description:
1) Power button, long-Press to turn on/off; Double-click to set CO2 alarm thresold.(800~2000 ppm)
2) Left button, click to decrease CO2 alarm thresold.
3)Right button, click to increase CO2 alarm thresold. long-Press to open/close CO2 alarm sound.

2. About Charging
When low battery icon is displayed, the device needs to be charged. Insert the included or another compatible micro USB charging cable into the device. Attach the other end to a USB DC charger (such as a smart phone charger) that outputs DC 5V at>=1000mA. Fully charge for at least 2-3 hours before use. Avoid charging with a USB computer port which only outputs 500mA.
3. Parameters
Measuring range: 400-5000PPM
Sensor for CO2 : Infrared ( NDIR)
Resolution: 1 PPM
Measuring range: -10-50 ° C
Humidity range: 20%-85% RH
Measurement accuracy: ±1 °C
Measurement accuracy: ±4% RH
WS-DM77 Product List 
Air Quality monitor x 1
Micro USB charging cable x 1
Product Manual x 1