20~300pcs 10×2 mm Round Powerful Magnet Fridge Bulk Sheet Neodymium Disc Magnet 10x2mm Permanent NdFeB Strong Magnets 10*2 mm


1. Due to the special nature of the magnet and the artificial measurement. Actual dimensions are subject to physical measurements.

2. The magnet have Wide range of uses .Perfect for sticking notes on fridge doors. whiteboard fixing,adsorption of various steel parts,fixing tissue box on the roof, ideal for DIY projects,etc.Cause the big super magnetic,don’t let the kid touch it.

3. Related electronic products, such as Mechanical watchs ,bank cards, mobile phones, computers, televisions, pacemakers, etc., they are easily affected by neodymium magnets, please maintain a certain distance, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

4. NdFeB magnets are fragile, the characteristics are hard and brittle, especially large-size products, strips and thin slices, separate the magnet, please carefully shift staggered, must not break the hard pry, so as not to damage the product or injured , Separated to maintain a certain distance, so as not to touch the collision, damage to the product, or even dangerous.

5. Neodymium magnets are usually coated Nickel-Copper-Nickel plating to prevent the iron from rusting. If not used in time, be sure to keep away from the high temperature and corrosive environment,although there is a coating on the surface of the magnet.

6. If you have any questions, please keep good communication with us.