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GET ORGANIZED – These strong magnets can be used in many ways to organize your hectic life.  They make perfect kitchen magnets to hang measuring spoons, strainers and other kitchen utensils. You can use these little magnets to hang your keys, jewelry or glasses.  Our metal magnetic pins are also handy in the garage or shed for organizing your tools.

VERSATILE – These multi-use magnetic push pins can be used for a variety of applications making them ideal for office magnetic thumbtacks, map magnets, push pin whiteboard magnets, dry erase magnets, refrigerator magnets, board magnets or as locker magnets.

DURABLE – 292% more durable than plastic, our high quality magnetic tacks will hold up to years of use and abuse.  They are made with heavy duty, rust-free stainless steel with a chrome finish.

PERFECT SIZE & DESIGN – Each magnetic push pin is 16 mm tall and has a 12 mm base diameter.  It’s unique pawn shaped design makes for easy removal of magnets and allows for secure hanging of basically anything with a large enough eye hole.  Big enough to hang kitchen utensils and small enough to not clutter your whiteboard.

Material: Stainless Steel with Chrome Finish
Magnet Type: Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets
Shape: Pawn

Package included:
20 * Metal Push Pin Magnets