3PCS 15X15X10 mm Block Search Magnet Sheet N35 Rectangular Permanent Neodymium Magnets Strong 15*15*10 15x15x10mm

Magnet Shape: Disc

Magnet Size: 15mm x 15mmx10mm

Magnet Material: NdFeB Magnets

Magnet Grade: N35

Magnet Max Working Temperature: 80°C/176°F

Magnet Tolerance: 0-0.3mm

Magnet Plating: Nickel + Copper + Nickel Triple Layer Plated

Features: The neodymium magnet is strong and brittle.


1: Neodymium magnet is extremely powerful, be careful when using them;

2: Neodymium magnet is very fragile & easy damaged, pls handle gently;