Price: 15.08 - 12.73


1. Powerful Permanent Magnets: Neodymium is a kind of rare earth metal, it's suitable for making permanent & powerful magnets. This magnet has permanent magnetism, it will be the same powerful even decades after.Constructed of a super strong neodymium block magnet embedded in a steel channel. Magnet is recessed inside the steel channel for protection and added holding power.

2. Numerous Applications: Useful Magnets for Holding, Mounting, Home Improvement, DIY Projects, and Many More. Great as a Cabinet or Shower Door Catcher

3. Best Coating Available: Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer Coated. The Best Coating Available, which Provides a Shiny and Rust Resistant Protection for the Magnets.

4. Easy Installation: Countersunk Holes Designed for #3 sized screw for Easy Installation. Steel channel protects the magnet from damage, allowing it to last longer than a standard magnet.


Shape: Block with holes

Length: 60mm/2.36inch

Pull Force: 30kg / 66.0 pounds

Tolerance: 0.1-0.4mm

Material: NdFeB permanent Magnet + Alloy steel shell

Magnetization Direction: Through thickness

Grade: N35

Max Operating Temperature: 80 Celsius degree / 176 Fahrenheit degree

Plating: Nickel + Copper + Nickel triple layer plated

How to safety separate neodymium rectangle pot magnets


All magnets are fragile and may chip or shatter, but if used properly under normal circumstances, they can serve you for a lifetime. As with all magnets, please keep away from pacemakers and sensitive electronics. Keep away from children under 5 years old.

Package include:

Rectangle Pot Magnets + Screws

1. NdFeB magnets are sold by size, measurement unit is mm, please notice the size.

2. Related electronic products, such as bank cards, mobile phones, pacemakers, etc., they are easy effected by NdFeB magnet, please maintain a certain distance, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

3. NdFeB magnets are fragile, the characteristics are hard and brittle, especially large-size products, strips and thin slices, separate the magnet, please carefully shift staggered, must
not break the hard pry, so as not to damage the product or injured , Separated to maintain a
certain distance, so as not to touch the collision, damage to the product, or even dangerous.

4. NdFeB magnet surface coating protection, with a certain anti-rust corrosion resistance, but
if not used in time, be sure to keep away from the high temperature and corrosive environment.