/01【Sharp Blade】Peeling doesn't take much effort.

/02【Non-slip handle】Ensure stable operation even with wet hands.

/03【Open-cap design】Convenient hanging storage drain to dry to prevent bacterial growth.

/04【Digging】Humanized gouging design, easy to potato eyes convenient and practical.

/05【Grater】Easily grated uniform thickness.

/06【Beer Opener】Bring your own beer opener to make life easier.


1.Plastic is easily damaged

2.Single function


1.Zinc alloy

2.Handle comfort Ergonomic design

3.Convenient cleaning

Upgrade 5-in-1

1.Open-cap design Convenient and practical

2.Hook design Convenient storage

3.Sharp blade Peeling doesn't take much effort

4.Multifunction Integrated design

5.Mirror polishing More texture

6.Double-sided blade Flexible and changeable

Product Display

Product Details

Product Name:5 in 1 Multi-Functional Fruit and Vegetable Peeler

Material:Zinc alloy

Package:Have a box

Style:3in1 5in1