Price: 0.95 - 0.99

Condition: Brand new
Tolerance: +-1mm
Material: Neodymium magnets
Certification:RoHS passed
Grade: N35
BR:14000-14500 GAUSS

Hcj 11 KOe

Hcb10.5 KOe

BHmax: 48-51 MGOe

Magnetization: Axially magnetized / Poles on Flat Ends

Max Operating Temperature: 80C/176F
Plating: nickel copper nickel triple layer plated
Weight: 0.2g
Volume: 50mm3
Magnetic pull force: ca. 0.1kg

1:Neodymium magnet is very fragile & easy damaged, pls handle gently The. Strong magnets is made of rare earth at high temperature, and it is impossible to guarantee 100% perfection. Its small flaws will not affect its performance and use.
2:Prohibit contact and use by children under 8 years old, prevent children from swallowing

Caution: strong magnets are brittle; strong magnet could pinch your fingers badly; if you allow two magnets attract together, it may cracks and the chips could hurt your eyes

(The pull force was tested at 20 Celsius degree, on a polished iron plate with a thickness of 20 mm. The magnet was deducted vertically. A difference of up to -10% compared to the specified value is possible in exceptional cases.)

Neodymium magnets Usages