The best gadgets for students! These are 8 super useful gadgets for students that are affordable and actually something students will find useful, be it the 4 in 1 pen, the portable laminator, or the desk fan.

0:00 The Best Gadgets for Students!
0:11 Reading Light
0:41 Portable Laminator
1:15 Bed Laptop Table
1:48 Desk Fan
2:23 4 in 1 Pen
2:52 Foldable Keyboard
3:28 FHD Webcam with Shutter
4:07 Bracelet
4:38 2 in 1 Paper Cutter

Desk Fan:
USB-C Bracelet:,aps,280&sr=8-4&geniuslink=true
Bed Laptop Table:
Reading Light for Book:
Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard:
FHD Webcam:,aps,261&sr=8-4&geniuslink=true
Automatic Portable Laminator:
4 in 1 Pen:
2 in 1 Knife Paper Cutter:,aps,2324&sr=8-7&geniuslink=true