Test at MyAmazonGuy.com chat GPT uses outdated info from 2021. I built MAGai that uses info so fresh it might come from a video I made this past week. You can ask MAGai any Amazon question and it has an answer. Test it yourself at MyAmazonGuy.com

Ogre Magi says, “Two heads are better than none.”

Where should you focus as an Amazon seller? There’s 100 things you can do every day. But there’s realistically only 2-3 things you should do today.

1 of those things is asking MAGai an Amazon question right now.

Here’s 5 prompts you could ask MAGai

1. How to increase sales and improve product visibility on Amazon?
2. How to manage inventory and avoid stockouts?
3. How to deal with negative feedback, reviews, and customer complaints?
4. How to navigate Amazon policies and procedures, such as account suspension or listing removal?
5. How to optimize product listings for better search ranking and conversion rates?

00:00 Introducing MAGai tool to answer ANY Amazon questions
00:35 Comparison between Chatgpt and MAGai
02:07 Additional “View” feature that directs you to a related topic on the video
02:42 Another “View” feature that links you to MAG’s website that talks about the topic
03:00 You can use this tool to answer ANY Amazon questions
04:40 You can provide feedback to make the tool better
05:47 Chatgpt far superior features such as the ability to history and to have dialogue will be added to the MAGai tool in the next versions.
06:25 Comment how you want us to pronounce it. MAG ai, MAGai, or a combination of both?
06:37 Test this tool for free. Just go to https://myamazonguy.com/
06:44 No gimmicks, just trying to become the leading education company in the Amazon selling space
07:18 Massive growth inside the company
07:40 Come and ask any Amazon question
07:51 This tool got over a thousand questions into the system in the first 24 hours
08:07 invite friends and other Amazon sellers how cool this tool is
08:17 Check it out for free and start asking questions

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