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So, a total of 20M $MNT are allocated to the Mantle users in the end!

To celebrate Element integrating with Mantle Network and collaborating with users to build NFT profiles together, we decided to open a new NFT campaign: Play your NFTs, boy!

1. Overview

Get free mint NFTs to add your Mantle TXNs to share $MNT pool;

collect a set of NFTs to gain extra bonus from Element;

2. Time

Campaign Period: Dec. 29th, 2023–Jan.15th, 2024, 10:00 AM UTC

3. Task

1)Free mint 2 Cowboy NFTs (one address could mint 2 at most) ;

2) List 1 Cowboy NFT on Element (recommend);

3) collect 10 different Cowboy NFTs as one set (you could share extra ELE bonus if you do this);

4) trade any NFT on Element (recommend);

4. Potential reward

Mantle Network side: 250M $MNT rewarding pool (share by your person TXNs’ contribution on Mantle Network, the more you have, the more you get);

Element side: ELE Airdrop distributed to sets of (10 different) Cowboy NFTs holders ;

5. Reward distribution: TBD

Enjoy your Mantle NFT journey now!

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