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Detect Eavesdropper Detecting eye cameras Multi-function Signal Tracker Signal RF Tracke Anti Lens RF Wireless  scanner


Product Parameters:

Product name: Anti-candid camera light sensor

Material: ABS plastic

Product weight: 8.5g

Product size: 58×45×10mm

Plug Type: For IOS, Type-c

Supported mobile phones: Apple and Android phones



– Infrared scanning light combined with nano-filter: it can detect the camera in working or sleeping state. Generally, the camera is not easy to find.

– This detector uses the principle of reflected light intensity of the coating on the surface of the camera, and uses 1600OMCD high-brightness LED to illuminate the camera.

– Three-level sensitivity adjustment: expand or reduce the detection range by adjusting the sensitivity button. If you want to find the position of the locator, please lower the sensitivity step by step to narrow the detection range.



Open phone settings → other settings → open OTG link

→ Insert the detector into the charging port of the mobile phone, the red light flashes and you can use it

Package Included:


1×User Manual