Price: 2.45 - 1.52

Detector Earthquake Get Early Warning of Impending Earthquake quake alarms

Tips: This alarm is the principle of induction shake alarm occurs, so please be installed in an environment without external interference, such as your own home in a seaside town, or if you live in a ship on the sea, similar to the kind of living environment in itself causes the non-seismic shaking, then you are not home is not suitable for such a use of the instrument. Please buyer friends before you buy, measure around the environment.
Note: Because the battery does not allow send by normal post, we will send without the batteries, you should buy it by yourself, please understand about it, thank you!
Technical Parameters:
– Operating voltage: DC 9V (9V alkaline battery)(ship without the battery)
– Alarm sound pressure: 120dB
– Induction method: vibrating alarm
– Start delay: 15 seconds
– Alarm delay: 30 seconds
– Installation: Magnetic back can also be hung
– Dimensions: 90 × 55 × 27mm

The right of the toggle switch alarm “ON” position, the red indicator fade, light off after 15 seconds. State of alert, when the alarm or minor shock when struck, will be issued 120dB alarm sound immediately. The alarm time is about 30 seconds. This product can be directly linked to the need for a security position, the back of a magnetic disk can also be directly attracted to the metal object.


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