Easy Digital Art Painting Process (Beginner) #art #beginners #digitalart

In this video I have tried to share my painting process or steps that will help you in your digital painting, and I hope you will learn something from my art video.
I am not a professional artist, I am only sharing my art process so that It will be helpful in your artworks.

software – Photoshop
~ Draw and paint in the painting software you already have

If you don’t have any customized or texture brushes, you don’t need to worry about it, simply you can just make your own custom brushes.
~ For sketch and outlines use hard round brush (decrease the size and adjust pen pressure) Use any brush you are comfortable with
~ Use curve tool to adjust the brightness
Liquify tool for correction or changes
Lasso tool for changes
Flip you canvas
~ Separated layers for face, shirt, hand,
umbrella, background
~ Gaussian Blur for background

There is more but I will share with you in upcoming videos so
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