Price: 107.99 - 78.00

Erchang F13 Wireless Echo Sounder Sonar For Fishing Depth Fish Finder For Fish Search Kayak Saltwater Fishfinder

>>> About the goods information:

Feature: Wireless Fish Finder F13 Erchang

Fish finder for search fish, suitable for shore fishing,kayak fishing, boat fishing, ice fishing.

Basic parameters:

Frequency: 125KHZ

Depth Capability: 200feet(60m)

Wireless Sonar: 105 degrees beam angle

Wireless operational Range: 335feet(100m)

Additional Features:

Fishing attract lamp:blue and green color lamp, on/off optional

Fishing alarm: When the sonar detects a fish, the device will sound an alert. on/off aptional

How to charger:

Power Requirement:Rechargable

Wireless Sensor power: Rechargable

How to tie the sonar:

There are two screw on the Sensor sonar, tie the wire on it, throw it on the water, the sonar turn on automatic in the water

How to define fish icon

The number mean water depth.

Small fish icon: < 15cm/0.5ft

Middle fish icon:15-30cm/0.5-1ft

Big fish icon: >30cm/1ft

Packing details:

1 x Fish finder

1 x Wireless sonar sensor

1 x Charging cable

1 x Lanyard

1 x  Manual Standard Packaging Box

2 x Wire tying screws

Note: Sonar in enclosed spaces may lead to data errors