Price: 45.03 - 27.02

FNIRSI WD-02 Metal Detector Wall Scanner Product Manual:


Portable Size: The small size of this tool is very convenient for everyday use, you can also easily hold it while using it.

This wall detector scanner can help you to quick locate edges and center metal, studs, joists, pipes and live AC wire behind walls, floors and ceiling. The measuring ranges of wooden is ≤38mm, AC wires ≤40mm, metal pipes ≤100mm and rebars ≤120mm.

The HPC detection module can makes this wall detector scanner with better anti-interference capacity and fater calculating speed.

Multiple predictions: The screen will display the target depth, arrive at the detection center and the material, the indicator light will lights up yellow or red depending on the target distance, the green light means No traget.

It will also beep when a target is detected. It will continuous alerts when reaching the center.

Wide Applications: This tool can be widely used in your home decoration, wall decoration, household appliance installation, highway maintenance and so on.

Center positioning hole design, you can directly mark the drilling position after detection and achieve precisions drilling.


Material: ABS

Max. detection depth:

Metals: 120mm

Non-ferrous metals(copper): 100mm

AC wire: 50mm

Single-strand copper wire: 40mm


Automatic shut down: ≈5min

Battery: 1 * lithium battery, 300mAh (included)


Packing list:

1 * WD-02 Wall Detector Scanner

1 * Manual

1 * Storage Bag