for Honda Stepwgn 2005-2015 all model

Make your clearer view of the rearview mirror with 2pcs high-tech foils
A water-repellent material similar to lotus leaves covers its surface,when the rain drops on it, the water droplets will not stay, but will naturally slip with gravity.
At the same time, it has anti-fog ability, special material manufacturing, fog can not form on the surface
Customized for Your car, with over 98% coverage,and over 3 Years of service life. Greater visibility, safer driving.
Remove the tape backing & apply! Takes seconds, no tools needed!
It can work at -50 Celsius to 75 Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit to 167 Fahrenheit),Even if you turn on the mirror heating function, It will not be affected
These really will give your car a cool new look!