Price: 291.56 - 142.86

Suggestions before use

⭐If the wrong signal is displayed during the probe,adjust the sensitivity to a lower positionand start using at a lower sensitivity level.
⭐Do not use indoors.Metal detectors are suitable for outdoor use because electromagnetic signals from many household appliances can interfere with the detector. If you are doing an indoor demonstration, you need to first reduce the sensitivity, and the detection disk should be away from household appliances such as computers, televisions, air conditioners, and microwave ovens. If your detector makes an unusual beep, turn off the appliance. Keep away from objects that contain metal, such as concrete floors and walls.
⭐Please use 1*9-volt alkaline battery(6F22)If you want to use a rechargeable battery, we recommend using anickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery.(because the battery cannot be transported, please buy it locally)

Product Advantages

⭐With backlight, it can be used at night.
⭐The interface design is simple and easy to understand. Anyone can easily navigate.
⭐High sensitivity and faster detection of targets.
⭐The coil is waterproof and moisture resistant. Can be detected in the water. (The control unit is not waterproof, pay attention to protection)

product information
⭐working frequency:8.19kz
⭐Sound adjustment:the sound size can be adjusted through the headphones
⭐Detection depth:The standard is 25 cents (the detection depth is 25-35 cm). The larger the area of the object is detected, the deeper the depth. The deepest depth of detection currently: 1.5 meters (based on 50 × 50 × 1.2 cm aluminum plate)
⭐Battery:9 volt alkaline battery(not included in the package)
⭐Search coil:13 inches, waterproof, interchangeable
⭐Operating temperature:( – 10 to +50) degrees Celsius
⭐Operating humidity range:0 to 90% non-condensing

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