In this video, we delve into the epic battle for AI supremacy between Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI. Witness the rise of Google’s powerful Gemini AI, its battle against Microsoft’s Bard and OpenAI’s GPT-4, and the potential impact this war will have on the future of work.

Here’s what we explore:

The fierce competition between tech giants: Witness the rise and fall of LaMDA, the emergence of GPT-4, and the surprise attack of Gemini.
Unveiling Gemini’s potential: Discover how Google’s multimodal AI can recognize objects in real-time, play games, generate creative content, and solve complex problems.
The future of jobs: Will AI replace humans? We discuss the potential impact of these powerful tools on the job market and the possibility of collaboration between humans and AI.
A glimpse into the future: Get ready for a wild ride as we explore the possibilities and challenges of AI in the years to come.
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Google gemini , Google gemini kya hai ?

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