Gps Tracker Anti Lost Locator Mini Anti Lost Alarm For Kids Key Phones Positioning Search Smart Finder For Apple Smart Locator


Accessbility: Record lost location, Rename Item, Customize item icon

Connectivity: for promimity finding

Sensor: Accelerometer

Speaker: Built-in Speaker

System Requriements: Apple ID iphone and ipod touch models with iOS 14.5 or later Ipad models with iPad OS 14.5 or later.

Battery: User-replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery.

Size: 36*36*7.8 mm

Weight: 11g


Works with Apple Find My

1. Getting Started (ON/OFF by the Button)

2. Add Your iTag

3. Locate your iTag

4. Notifications

5. When your iTag is Lost: Lost mode to help you to find it.

Package Included:

Air tag*1

User Manual*1