The biggest factors contributing to companies’ bottom lines right now are high interest rates and artificial intelligence says Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. artificial intelligence presents both challenges and opportunities for workers and employees, according to Zandi.

“If you’re able to harness the power of artificial intelligence in your work, you’re more productive. You should be able to command a higher wage and benefit from the fact that AI is lifting everyone’s productivity for businesses,” said Zandi.

He also said AI will be implemented differently across various sectors of the economy.

In this episode of The Bottom Line, he discusses key risks for companies including climate change, inflation and whether the U.S. will remain the world’s leading economy.

00:00 — Introduction
00:17 — artificial intelligence
02:38 — Interest Rates
03:11 — Inflation
04:15 — Recession
06:04 — Climate Change
07:33 — Will the U.S. remain on top?

Produced, Shot and Edited by: Mark Licea
Additional Reporting by: Lindsey Jacobson
Supervising Producer: Lindsey Jacobson

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How AI, Interest Rates And Inflation Impact Companies: Mark Zandi