There is a lot to process here! Let’s visit the Forgotten Overlook and look at ALL the data together. This video is longer than usual for good reason, so be sure to stick around or click around.

00:00 – Intro
00:57 – The Forgotten Overlook
01:20 – The mysterious Cloud
04:12 – Looking at the SNOs on the map
04:52 – The exact SNO for the Cloud
05:05 – Looking at the SNO data
06:01 – Proof that similar “ideation” effects intentionally exist in the game
08:00 – It’s too complex and coincidental to be a bug
08:22 – The related materials show that the Cloud is purposely designed
10:56 – Jumping to conclusions because of non-data interactions
11:29 – There are no gizmos hooked up, so here’s what to look for in future patches
13:30 – Other interesting actors in the area
14:24 – What hunting for cows does to the human psyche
14:42 – Existing Cow Level things in game and why it’s rolling out over time
15:33 – Conclusion

I spent weeks going through Diablo IV data along with other members of the Not Finding A Cow Level Discord. After fully digging for any possible relation to the Forlorn Hovel and Stamina Potion to any other data SNOs, I started looking around suspicious areas of Sanctuary in-game for potential leads.

One of the most sussy areas in D4 is, by far, the Forgotten Overlook in Caldeum. This is an area from Diablo III that had an NPC name Squirt selling one piece of the three needed to craft the staff to open the Hidden Cow Level in D3.

For a game as visually polished as Diablo IV, I wasn’t satisfied when others concluded that the smoke effect near the Altar of Lilith statue in the Forgotten Overlook is a bug just because it’s “dusty” and in a desert area. Surely such an obvious visual bug would have been fixed by now, right?

I’ve discovered that the smoke/dust Cloud definitely NOT a bug. It’s not smoke billowing from a non-burning hole in the dirt. It’s not a random dust Cloud that was improperly implemented.

What made me look into this deeper is how the smoke rolls INWARD like a town portal, not OUTWARD like diffusing smoke or dust.

And then I found that the Cloud itself is referred to as a window in data.

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