In this video, I showcase my journey of artistic growth and improvement over a span of seven days. Through dedicated practice and exploration, I tackle various aspects of rendering, from studying masterful works to refining techniques for hair, facial features, and the human body. With each passing day, I gain confidence and make strides in developing my style. Join me as I document the challenges, insights, and progress that have transformed my art in this inspiring video.

Here’s the video about my brush:

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00:00 Day 1
03:44 Day 2
05:47 Day 3
07:25 Day 4
10:48 Day 5
11:53 Day 6
12:58 Day 7

I love studying perspective, form, rendering, and color theory through character art. I hope you’ll enjoy watching!

Program/app: Procreate
Tool: IPad Pro 12.9 inch

#ipaddrawing #characterdesign #tanalieku