Price: 23.55 - 102.67

3 inch / 4 inch / 5 inch / 8 inch lamps
1. Suitable for RYOBI power tools 18V lithium nickel battery, as show in the following picture:

2. Input parameters: 14.4-18V

3. Output parameters: 6000-6500K

4. This light is as bright as the car headlights, don't aim the beam at people or animal,or even from distance.
5. This product does not contain any battery. If the buyer does not have this battery, the buyer needs to buy it himself.

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As bright as car headlights, with high and low beam control for 4/5/8 Inches lamp;  The 3-inch lamp does not have this function.


1. There are only lamps in the package, no batteries.

2. The battery in the above product picture is only used to describe the function of the lamp.