This MD-1008A metal detector could be the start of an exciting new hobby. It can be used to find missing or lost coins, pieces of jewellery and other metal objects.
You also may find lots of bottle caps, metal pull tabs and foil wrap. This metal detector owns high sensitivity.
Science Education, Parents-Kids Activity, Simple Metal Detection
1. LCD display
2. Light weight and easy operation
3. Sensitive Control
1. Power: 9V(6F22)
2. Frequency: 55.3KHz
3. Current: Standby: 20mA
Max: 70mA
4. Voltage: 7V-9V
5. Sensitivity: One Coin: 10mm
6. Indication Mode: Sound Mode
LCD Mode
7. Stretch Length: 6.1 inches
8. Detector Diameter: 6.77 inches
9. Color: Black
10. Weight: 0.495 kg
11. Package Weight: 0.7 kg
12. Package Size: 13.58*7.28*3.15 inches