Google AI release: press interviews, highly curated marketing videos, research paper, waitlist

Mistral AI release: tweet magnet link account with word art logo

Are you going to use this amazing open source LLM once Mistral AI releases the code necessary to do so? Do you think it will beat Microsoft’s GPT4 or Google’s Gemini AI model?

Let us know in the comments!

In other llm news, Mistral/Yi fine-tunes trained with a new (still undocumented) technique called “neural alignment” are blasting other models in the HF leaderboard. The 7B is “beating” most 70Bs. The 34B in testing seems… Very good:



NOTE: The link discussed in this video points to an open source large language model checkpoint file that DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY COPYRIGHTED CONTENT. T*rrents can be used to transfer files of all kinds.