Price: 23.36 - 14.01


1. Material: high quality aviation grade aluminum alloy, with convex lens, rust prevention and fall prevention, long service life.

2. Process: hard surface oxidation, wear resistance, no scratch, good hand feeling.

3. Lamp beads: white, blue, red and green

4. Charging mode: intelligent C-type charging, compatible with different charging modes such as computer USB, vehicle USB, USB charging plug, etc. The flashlight can also be used as a mobile power supply to charge the mobile phone.

5. Battery usage: This product can use 18650 or 21700 rechargeable batteries. The internal wiring adopts high-efficiency boost circuit to maximize the use of batteries.

6. Power indicator: the power consumption of four blue LED power indicators (100%~75%~50%~25%) jumps alternately. When charging, the LED flashes, all the LEDs are on, and the blue indicator on the switch is the switch indicator.

7. Lighting mode: white blue green red
Press the switch in turn, the main light: white light -blue light- green light – red light, cob side light: white light strong light – white light weak light – red light strong light – red light flashes, double-click the switch to directly light up the conb

8. Applicable to: hiking, camping, self-defense, teaching, search, hunting, daily carrying, night riding, exploration, night fishing, patrol and various outdoor activities.


Color: Black
Luminous beads: four color lamp beads +cob LED
Power: 30W
Lumen: 3000-4000lm
Load mode: load type C
Battery used: 1*18650/1*21700
Lighting mode: 8-level adjustable (4-level main light: white blue green red) cob side light: white strong light – white weak light – red strong light – red flashing)
Switch: press the switch
Zoom mode: Zoom
Maximum range: 500M
Waterproof quality: IPx4
Size: 17.5×4.1*2.9cm
Net weight: 180g
Gross weight: 225g

Package type:

Package A:(No Battery)

1* Flashlight
1* Charging Line
1* Battery Box
1* Anti-loss Cable

Package B:(With 18650 Battery)

1* Flashlight
1* Charging Line
1* 18650 Battery
1* Battery Box
1* Anti-loss Cable

Package C:(2 sets)

2* Flashlight
2* Charging Line
2* 18650 Battery
2* Battery Box
2* Anti-loss Cable