The last few weeks have been exciting in the NFT and crypto space. Hold on because this could be a wild ride into the new year with many ups and downs.

Hytopia Worlds that I discussed on my last video have really shot up in price over the last week and a half. Keep an eye on Hytopia and see if it is something that you may be interested in.

NFT volume was nearing $1 billion in November, according to data published by the decentralized app tracking platform DappRadar.
The report highlighted that the NFT industry maintained upward momentum for the second month in a row. Trading volume surged by 125% in November, suggesting a shift in user behavior compared to earlier downturns in NFT trading.

I’ve been asked lately what projects I am watching that could make a comeback if the bull market returns and two names I have been looking at are Boss Beauties and VeeFriends Series 2. I say to look at who was still building in the bear market and look for those projects to flourish if the bull market returns.

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NFT Trading Volume Article news/NFT-trading-volume-1-billion-bullish-market-november” target=”_blank”>
-Boss Beauties

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