Price: 85.97 - 60.18

NITECORE SRT7GT LED Flashlight 1000 Lumens CREE XP-L HI V3 Tactical Flashlight UV Red Green Blue Signal lamp Hiking Search Torch


1.Specially designed for law enforcement, hunting and tactical applications
2.Advanced third generation control ring technology
3.Quickly select the required brightness and function through the control ring
5.100 lumen brightness output
6.The optimized optical system is manufactured by the second generation reflective cup electroplating technology (bright electroplating) combined with the POT digital precise optimization technology. The light intensity is 5090Oed and the range is up to 45m
7.Equipped with red, green and blue lighting/W Ⅳ ultraviolet light (ultraviolet light 5D0mW, wavelength 365nm)/red and blue warning signal light function
8.0-100 lumens continuous brightness adjustment function
9.7 special functions available
10.With power indicator function
11.Anti impact anti reverse connection design specially designed for shooting (utility model patent No.: 201220677948.7)
12.Equipped with two-way stainless steel titanium plated grip
13.Stainless steel at the head protects the environment and protects the core components of the flashlight from damage
14.Double coated anti scratch optical lens
15.Made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy
16.Wear resistant three-stage hardening surface treatment
17.Comply with IPX8 waterproof standard (2m underwater)
18.1 meter fall resistance
19.Tail handstand function