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Material: food grade PP plastic +430 stainless steel
Size: 10.8*9.5cm
Uses: used for onions, potatoes and other fruits cut into waves

Package Included:

1 x potato slices knife


1. Sharp blade

The blade of a potato knife is very sharp, making it easy to cut the skin and meat of potatoes. This makes cutting wolf toothed potatoes an easy task to complete.

2. Fast cutting speed

Due to the sharp edge of the knife, the potato knife can quickly cut a large number of potatoes, thereby improving cutting efficiency. This is particularly useful for restaurants or households that need to handle large amounts of potatoes.

3. Simple operation

The handle of the potato knife is wide and can be tightly combined with the palm of the hand, making the cutting more stable and accurate. Even if you have no experience, you can easily use it.

4. Cut out beautiful shapes

The design of the potato knife makes it easier to cut wolf toothed potatoes, and it can cut beautiful textures and shapes. This will bring better visual effects and also enhance appetite.

5. It can be used for multiple purposes

Although called a "potato knife," a potato knife can also be used to cut other ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits, etc. This makes it a versatile tool.

Usage method

Prepare wolf toothed potatoes and a clean workbench to be cut.

Place the potato on the workbench, hold it down with your hand, and pick up the potato knife with the other hand.

Place the potato knife perpendicular to the potato and start cutting at a certain angle (usually around 45 degrees).

Continue cutting according to the required shape and thickness until all potatoes have been cut.

After cutting, collect the cut potatoes, clean the cutting tools, and put them back in place.