Price: 10.10

Product introduction:
Material: aluminum alloy
Colour: black
Gear: single gear
Lamp beads: V6
Voltage: 3.7V-4.2V
Power: 15W
Waterproof: IPX45
Shooting distance: 200-500m
Brightness: 600-1500 lumens (theoretical)
Light Mode: strong light; medium light;double-click flash
Function: lighting, night riding, emergency, self-defense, portable, mini flashlight, camping

short product:
Power supply: 16340 battery

Battery life: 1 hour 
Weight: 80g
Product size:  9.5*3*2.5cm

long product:
Power supply: 18650 battery

Battery life: 4 hours 
Weight: 90g
Product size: 12.8*3*2.5cm

Mini cannon

Made for flashlight enthusiasts
Type-c fast charge
Double click to flash
Three-stop dimming
One-click close
Long battery life
Strong light and long range │ easy to carry │ long battery life

Three gear mode

One-click switching

Strong light/low light/strobe

Double tap to enter strobe mode

Strong light flashlight in the palm

A flashlight smaller than your palm

Just in control

8.5cm length, compact size, carry it with you

Eagle Eye Mechanical Zoom

One-handed control to change the aperture in seconds

Tactical adjustment, the night is under my control, and it is easy to switch between near and far

Kilometer long shot, ultra-far wide-angle

Product parameters

Type-c fast charging/removable 16340 lithium battery

Overvoltage protection

Overcharge protection

Over discharge protection

In any gear, stay for 5 seconds to turn off the power with one key!

High Light Mode

Low Light Mode

Strobe Mode

Double click to flash

Equipped with P100 nine-in-one burst lamp

Beauty and strength coexist

Long-range 1000M floodlight 90m2

The wick bursts in a second, and with the blessing of the eagle-limited lens, the night lighting is like daytime, and the strong light reaches the sky.

Multi-stage cooling system

Speed up the heat dissipation of the torch, and better protect the service life of the driver board and the LED wick

High heat dissipation efficiency with heat dissipation pattern

Charging reminder function Red light on when charging fully charged green light on

16340 High cycle usage times

Convenience, fast and long battery life

2~4 hours of use

1200MAH high capacity rechargeable battery

2H fast charge

Recyclable charging

Multifaceted charging device compatible

Car USB/mobile phone charging head/computer and other devices with USB output interface

No fear of wind and rain

Tightly reinforced torrential rainwater-proof, not afraid of bad weather

Do not immerse in water for a long time

They all use this flashlight

Send your family, friends, and yourself, it will be a wise choice for you!

Use it for a walk at night

For night riding

Go outdoors as a camping lamp

Use during a sudden power outage

Use when night running and night fishing

Night shift lighting use

Product Usage

Send your family, friends, and yourself, it will be your wise choice!

Use when walking at night

Use when riding at night

Go outdoors to make camping lights

Use during a sudden power outage

Use when night running and night fishing

Night shift lighting use




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