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This item is a full car precut window tint kit which includes window film precuts for all the side windows and rear windshield. This window film kit is precisely cut to fit the For INFINITI QX60 4DR SUV 2022-2023

• (2) Front door windows (includes mini 1/4 windows – If applicable)

• (2) Rear door windows (includes mini 1/4 windows – If applicable)

• (1) Rear windshield

• (1) Full Windshield

This precut window tint kit fits the following For LEXUS RX L 4 DR SUV 2018-2022

Ceramic Film

Recently, window tint manufacturers have been introducing ceramic-based window tints. These tint films will block UV light and heat, and since there is no metal involved, it won’t interfere with any electronics systems.

Carbon window film is the most expensive option on the market right now, and it is best installed by a professional shop


Window tint films are classified by the amount of light they allow in, by percentage. A 5% tint is much darker – and almost universally illegal on passenger vehicles – than a 50% tint. Factory tints on rear windows tend to be in the 50-70% range, so buying something on the lighter side might not actually accomplish what you are going for.

State laws regarding window tint are quite clear, and law enforcement officers don’t always have a sense of humor about illegal tint. Know the laws governing car modifications in your area. If you are going to exceed the legal darkness level, know the potential consequences of your decisions.

    • Why buy Precut Window Tint Kits from ZHUAIYA?

    • 1..We use only the highest quality, brand name, made in the U.S.A. window films for our automotive precut window tint kits.

    • 2.We offer a written “lifetime warranty” card with all of our window film kits. If there is ever an issue due to film performance ZHUAIYA will replace the film for you.

    • 3.We are a full service ZHUAIYA certified window tint installation shop. We use the exact same precut tint in our shop so we know from experience that our precut tint kits are made from superior quality film and they fit precisely.

    • 4.We have sold 1000’s of precut window tint kit’s to 1000’s of satisfied customers.

    • 5.We want you to succeed with your tint project so we offer discounted replacement pieces should you need a replacement piece of film because of an installation mistake.