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Price: $23.98
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Product Description

Forbidden <a href=Games offerings” src=”” class=”a-spacing-base a-lazy-loaded” data-src=”,0,3880,2400_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg”>Forbidden <a href=Games offerings” src=”,0,3880,2400_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg”>

Raccoon Tycoon card,52,5000,1546_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg”>Raccoon Tycoon card,52,5000,1546_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg”>

A Wildly Popular Game

Raccoon Tycoon features adorable creatures and delightful gameplay!

What Makes Raccoon Tycoon a Must Buy?


Simple and,0,1300,1300_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”>Simple and,0,1300,1300_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”>

Cards and buildings that score,0,1200,1200_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”>Cards and buildings that score,0,1200,1200_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg”>

Beautiful Art

Prepare to be transported to the fantasy world of Astoria as you encounter charming animals beautifully painted by fantasy artist Annie Stegg.

Simple and Intuitive

Raccoon Tycoon is a simple Game that can be played by anyone. On your next Game night, introduce your family and friends to this enjoyable pastime.

Win with the Most Points!

Plan your moves to make savvy purchases which gain you the most points. Your strategy can adjust as the Game unfolds!

So, How Does This Game Work?

Starting cards, cash and,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>Starting cards, cash and,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

Play a card and gain resources/increase resource,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>Play a card and gain resources/increase resource,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

Sell a resource for,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>Sell a resource for,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

Buy a building to get,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>Buy a building to get,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

At the start of the Game, players have ten dollars, some resources and three cards.

Play a card to gain resources and increase the value of certain resources.

Sell one type of resource at the current market cost to get cash.

Acquire a Building by paying its cost and immediately gain the building’s power.

Auction Railroad cards to buy,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>Auction Railroad cards to buy,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

Buy a Town using,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>Buy a Town using,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

Most points at the end of the <a href=Game wins!” src=”” class=”a-lazy-loaded” data-src=”,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>Most points at the end of the <a href=Game wins!” src=”,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

There can only be one "Top Dog" in Astoria. Is it you?,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>There can only be one "Top Dog" in Astoria. Is it you?,0,660,660_PT0_SX220_V1___.jpg”>

Auction a Railroad card to buy it and add it to your play area. Collect more in the set to score big points!

Obtain a Town card with resources to gain points, and pair ’em with Railroad cards for even more points!

Number of Players
2-5 2-6 2-6

Play Time
90-120 Minutes 60 Minutes 120 Minutes

For Ages
10+ 8+ 14+

Family Friendly

Quick and Easy to Learn

ACCESSIBLE STRATEGY Game: Raccoon Tycoon is the fun, addictive strategy Game that’s steadily becoming the go-to board Game in family households. Players purchase Railroad cards, Town cards and Building tiles to become the most successful tycoon in Astoria!
NO TWO Games ALIKE: Each Game is a different experience! The cards and tiles provide nearly limitless replayability, guaranteeing every Game you play feels fresh and fun.
QUICK AND EASY TO LEARN: Raccoon Tycoon has simple, approachable rules that everyone can understand. The basics of the Game can be learned in 10 minutes, but you’ll enjoy the Game again and again as you try to maximize your unique strategy to earn the most points.
GORGEOUS ART: Featuring beautiful, deluxe watercolor paintings on 40 cards, 27 tiles and the gameboard, artist Annie Stegg’s dreamlike palette and lively brushwork combine to create a wonderful atmosphere of enchantment that challenges the imagination and provide a sense of wonder for all your Game days.
MANY WAYS TO WIN: Collect sets of Railroad cards – the more cards in a set, the more points you score. Pair up Railroad cards with Town cards for extra points, and try to get Building tiles that give you even more points. Punch your ticket and ride your way to victory!
PERFECT FOR KIDS AND FAMILIES: Parents, Grandparents, Adults, Teens, Tweens, Boys and Girls will enjoy playing this Game of auctions, set collection and tableau building. Anyone can participate in playing Racoon Tycoon since it appeals to a wide range of ages, from children to adults.