CS-3D 5.5M Depth Gold Coins Relics Finder Underground Metal Detector 


Product Description

The CS-3D Underground Metal Detector is an excellent hunting detector. It features large detection depth, accurate positioning, high resolution and energy saving. The detection depth is 5 meters.

It is mainly used to detect metal relics, underground gold and silver treasures. It can be used in fields including archaeological, military mine clearance, mining departments and archaeological research, police criminal investigation, customs inspection, airport security and the like.

– High Sensitivity
– Max. Detection Depth up to 5.5m
– Enhanced Recognition Capability
– Metal Identification & Precise Detection
– Eliminate the Clutters including Scrap, Mineralization Interference

Technical Parameters:
– Model: CS-3D
– Power on Display: LED Display
– Detection Display: Signal Display
– Display: Audio & Pointer Indicators
– Operation Mode: Ground Balance & Discrimination Mode
– Power: 1KW
– Driving Frequency:465KHZ     
– Working Temperature: -10 to 45℃
– Power supply: DC 12V
– Max. Detection Depth: 5.5 m    
– Material: Metal

Package Included:
– 1 x Underground Metal Detector
– 1 x User Manual
– 1 x Charger


Detail photo