Price: 2.47 - 1.41

Smile shark mini glare flashlight Ultra Bright High Power Led Flashlights USB Rechargeable Indoor And Outdoor Camping Lighting


Product attributes

Material; ABS

Battery capacity; 1200

form of power; charging

Power; 1W

Light source form; LED

Applicable environment: hiking, searching, hunting, daily carry, night riding, caving, night fishing, patrolling

Power generation method; hand pressure

Maximum range; 100-200 meters

Color; 867A-gold, 867A-grey silver, 617A-white, 617A-black, 617B-white (without power bank function), 617B-black (without power bank function)


-Function: Rechargeable

Lightweight and portable, large capacity but very light, made of high hard ABS, the body has a large electrical capacity but is very light

Upgraded high brightness G3 lamp core, brightness comparable to car headlights

Focus on long distance light effect, test 1500M visible light sense

Intelligent fast charging, fast and convenient

A torch and a mobile phone charger

Package Included:

1*torch 1*data cable