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ChatGPT is terrifying. And in this video you’ll see why. It’s come to the point that it can be pretty hard to tell the difference on text between a human and an AI in some circumstances. Criminals are using ChatGPT to take advantage of vulnerable users and users are jailbreaking ChatGPT to make it tell them answers that are inappropriate. And OpenAI isn’t doesn’t have a spotless record either. Join us as we explore the dark world of ChatGPT.

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0:00 – The Dark World of ChatGPT
1:02 – We’re Being Used As Guinea Pigs
4:16 – The Cybercriminals of ChatGPT
8:54 – The Bug that Leaked User Information
11:05 – D.A.N. “Do Anything Now”
12:59 – The Undetectable Virus
15:19 – Inappropriate Content on ChatGPT
17:38 – AI is Going to Control Us

My name is Gerard and I make Internet Culture Documentaries. My mission is to spread awareness about the Dark Sides of the Internet.


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