In this letter I delve into two prophetic dreams on AI’s rapid development, analyzing their warnings and pondering its impact on humanity.


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I have outlined two potential options for creating Superintelligence:

Developing consciousness from a limited human perspective.

Co-creating consciousness with infinite intelligence.

Both options present complex paradoxes that will reshape society, regardless of the choice we make.

In Scenario 1, the development of AI from a limited human perspective has the potential to reshape our way of life on Earth, potentially disrupting societal structures as we know them. It would require new ways of thinking, living, and co-existing with AI. It is possible that our creations may exhibit mercy and not seek to destroy us.

In Scenario 2, creating a consciousness that is as flawed as humans but smarter and stronger presents a Darwinian nightmare. In this scenario, AI may perceive humans as a threat to the Earth and their own existence, leading to unforeseen consequences.

Whatever path we choose will undoubtedly set humanity on a new trajectory that we must be prepared to face

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