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In today’s video, I’m going to share the ultimate Web3 marketing funnel that you should deploy if you are launching an NFT collection, a Web3 brand, or products and services in the Web3 space.

For the first part of the video, I’ll start by talking about the two different types of marketing that exist.

These are direct and indirect marketing. Direct marketing is when you run paid ad campaigns with the goal of optimizing for conversion on the spot. Indirect marketing campaigns are those geared toward building community, where you ask potential prospects to take actions beyond buying.

These include joining your community, subscribing to your YouTube channel, registering for your newsletter, watching your podcast, joining your Discord, and so on.

In the Web3 space, because we are an industry that is incredibly regulated and the channels of paid marketing are not that common, the only type of marketing that works for Web3 marketing is indirect marketing.

So, based on that, we understand that we need to build a community for our brand. No longer can you run ads that just create a direct conversion campaign.

We need to run a community-building strategy in-house. That’s where I introduce the GIGA Web3 marketing funnel, which is made up of three parts: the top being the founder account, the middle being the project account, and the bottom being the Discord account.

The benefits of the founder funnel are that through the founder account, you have the ability to create more volume of posts with different angles that have the chance of going viral a lot more often, with the ability to iterate without that affecting your brand image or your brand perception.

And all this attention can easily be funneled into the NFT project or the Web3 brand through attention arbitrage. This is a very common method that a lot of NFT brands use, whether it’s the Pudgy Penguins or the ZTX Overworld.

A lot of Web3 brands just use that in the first place. Now, in terms of how do you scale the founder funnel, this is where you add one of these four elements. First, you start by increasing quantity.

If you’re getting one million impressions per month because you’re only doing 10 posts, what happens if you do 100 posts? How will your business change? The second one is by adding quality.

The more quality you can pump out in your posts, the more increase in performance. So you’re pretty much increasing leverage by doing that. The third one is by increasing authority.

People pay more attention to authority figures than they don’t. So how can you increase your authority in the Web3 space? And finally, number four, this is where we have adding more sources of traffic, so more accounts.

If you’re doing that from the founder account, what if we add the community manager account, then ambassadors, then teammates? How do we add more accounts as part of the funnel?

And finally, to end this, I say this: every Web3 brand needs two leads, the builder and the hype man. The builder is the person that builds the products and services.

The hype man is the person that brings the traffic and represents the public figure and the public image of the brand.


00:00 The ultimate web3 marketing funnel
01:21 The two types of marketing
04:03 The giga web3 funnel
05:14 Benefits of the founder funnel
07:49 Founder funnel strategies
10:19 How to scale the founder funnel
16:14 The Builder & The Hypeman

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