Here’s a breakdown of Pika 1.0 and everything it can do. Thanks to Hostinger for sponsoring this video. Learn more at (Coupon Code MATTWOLFE for an additional 10% off).

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:14 What Pika Can Do
1:50 Example Prompts & Outputs
3:49 Animating A Real World Image
4:10 Testing Our YOUR Prompts (Discord Suggestions)
6:34 Prompting Celebrities
7:01 AI website Builder
9:26 Walking Through & Testing Features
10:24 Video-To-Video
11:29 Image-To-Video
11:49 Upscaling & Extending Videos
12:34 Video Outpainting & Inpainting
13:40 Recap of All The Features
15:13 How I Made The Intro
17:43 A Quick Warning
18:30 Future tools
19:17 Free Ray Ban Meta Glasses Giveaway