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Getting tired of using the traditional underground metal detector? Want to try some treasure hunter with special function? You must own this one. It’s totally new designed metal detector with the intelligent recognition technology which can identify the target items like gold, silver and copper. It has different pitch tones for different types pf metals with 2 digits target ID. You can ignore trash and otherwise undesirable objects. 

3 Detection Mode: All Metal (Detect all kinds of metal), Disc (Discriminate metal type), Pinpoint(Find the exact location of a target), meeting for different demands.
3 Tone Audio Identification – Low tone(ID: 1-39), medium tone(ID: 40-79), high tone(ID: 80-99).
Elimination and Discrimination – Ignore junk metal & undesirable objects to find the valuable metal items by setting the Elimination and Discrimination.
Pinpoint Function – Pinpointing is the process of finding the exact location of a buried object with switchable backlight LCD display.
Adjustable Sensitivity – Adjust 12 kinds of different sensitivity settings for different targets or environments.

Super Large DD Search Coil – 15.0" x 11.4" super large waterproof search coil with protective cover for anti-knock and safe use.
Adjustable Height of Metal Detector – You can adjust the connecting stem length for comfortable use.
Headphone Jack – Let you connect headphones(included) and operate without disturb.
Volume Control – You can adjust the output volume of the loud speaker or headphone.
Wide Applications – Great for detecting gold & silver jewelry, coins and other metal in the ground.

Brand Name: TIANXUN
Color: Black + Brown
Material: ABS + Aluminum Alloy
Detection Depth: US 25 Cent/US 50 Cent: 280mm

3 Detection Mode: All Metal (Detect all kinds of metal), Disc (Discriminate metal type), Pinpoint(Find the exact location of a target)  
3 Tone Audio Identification: Low tone(ID: 1-39), MEDIUM TONE(ID: 40-79), high tone(ID: 80-99)
Detect Objects: Metal(Iron nail, iron covering, aluminum ring, small aluminum product, coins, gold, bronze, silver)
Frequency: 7.68KHz
Voltage: 7.2-9V
Power Supply: 1 * 9V 6F22 Battery (Not Included)
Current: Standby: 40mA, Max.: 120mA
Indication Mode: LCD Mode and Sound Mode
Sensitivity: Adjustable, 1-12 Level
Control: Power Switch
Volume: Adjustable
Search Coil: Waterproof, Interchangeable
Application: Testing metal foreign body of raw materials, fuel and food, Detection of underground pipeline & line, Archaeology, Exploration, Found buried treasures of gold, silver and metal artifacts.
Search Coil Size: 380 * 290mm / 15.0 * 11.4in (L*W)
LCD Control Unit Size: 135 * 120mm / 5.3 * 4.7in (L*W)
Adjustable Height of Detector: 1070~1340mm / 35.0~52.8inch
Item Size: 380 * 290 * 1340mm / 15.0 * 11.4 * 52.8in
Item Weight: 1576g / 55.6oz
Package Size: 55.5 * 37.5 * 15.5cm / 21.9 * 14.8 * 6.1in
Package Weight: 3542g / 124.9oz

Note: The search coil is waterproof, but the control housing is not waterproof.

Package List:

1 * Metal Detector Main Unit 
2 * Connecting Rod
1 * Waterproof Super Large DD Search Coil
1 * User Manual(English)