UK Dash Cam car Spot Special – This is a dedicated car spot video to thank you for the submissions of those weird, wonderful, venerable and sporty cars that have been spotted.

The fortnightly dashcam video will be on again as normal next week.

I was hoping that the music for this special would have been chosen by the poll on the channel community feed. Despite the clear winner being AC/DC – Thunderstruck, the track is actually BLOCKED by the content owner from being used at all on YouTube!
Sorry, they literally said no one but me could ever watch it! 😢 I hope the alternate track is acceptable. 🙏

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So if you’ve sent in a clip, and you haven’t completed the submission form, then sorry but I can’t use it until you do! Unfortunately it all comes down to YouTube’s rules for submitted videos, sorry about that! 😢

Any video shown in this compilation that wasn’t mine was sent in for inclusion by the rights holder, credited to them, and used with their full knowledge and consent.

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