Price: 68.46 - 35.60

  • Time and Money Saver: The underground wire locator consists of a transmitter, a receiver, and its accessories. Helpful-Locating & tracking buried and hidden wires. It allows the user to track low voltage cables used for garden and landscape automatic watering systems, and low voltage garden lighting systems. It can also be used to trace other power line, telephone lines, network cables.

  • Professional Cable Locator: The wire tracker is made of high-quality ABS material, which is sturdy and durable. At the same time, the button operation is convenient, the LCD display effect is intuitive, with a buzzer alarm, and an LED flashlight, which is very suitable for cable construction and construction pipelines. Construction, maintenance of communication cables, power supply lines, and electric heating lines.

  • Extended Detection Probe: With LED lights, the probe is simple to use and flexible, convenient for accurately locating the line. The detection depth is 6.5 feet and the detection length is 3,200 feet.

  • White LED Flashlight & Earphone: This circuit breaker finder has white LED flashlight on the receiver and transmitter for nighttime backup lighting. Additionally, it includes a set of 3.5mm headphones that may be used in noisy areas by plugging them into the receiver's headphone jack.

  • Cable Tracing with 2 Scan Modes: Digital mode/ analog mode, and sensitivity adjustable. You can change modes whenever you like, quickly and efficiently find the target cable in large number of cables and in a noisy environment.

  • Updated Convenient Deign: This wire tracer can find breaks and test continuity. Rechargeable transmitter for easy reuse. When encountering cable problems, you don’t need to hire professionals to diagnose the fault location for you, saving diagnosis costs, and you don’t need to dig the entire cable path to find the fault location, saving labor and no damage wall or floor.

  • Package Content: 1* Receiver, 1* Transmitter, 1* Bolt, 1* Earphone, 1* Carrying Case, 1* Charge Cable, 1* User Manual, 1* 9V battery ,1 *3.7 V Recharger battery.