Tekpoint 2022 New product




1: Large size LCD liquid crystal display

2: LED backlight switch

3: 4 modes to choose from:

a:Full metal,

b:Jewelry mode,

c:Memory mode,

d:Coin mode


5: One-key PP precise positioning function

6: 5 kinds of metal partitions, digital display, different metals, different values

7: 10-inch IP68 waterproof detection disk

8: Four-level sensitivity can be adjusted

9: Detection depth display

9: Different metals, different voice recognition

10: 25 cents sensitivity detection distance (10 inches 23-25cm)



Material: ABS

Working current: static ≤ 23mA, dynamic ≤ 50mA

Sensitivity: ≥20cm (25 points, air)

PP: ≥22cm (25 points, in the air)

Alarm: Audio, LCD indicator

DISC detection range: adjustable

Sensitivity range: adjustable

Power supply: 2*9V 6F22 battery (not included)

Search coil size: 10inch

Packing weight: 1.6kg


packing list:

1 * Detector Control Unit

1 * search coil

1 * Armrest

2 * rod

1 * Manual (English)