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UniqueFire 2001D Fresnel Lens Vcsel 850nm 940nm Flashlight Max.1000 Meters Irradiation Distance



l44MM Fresnel Optical Element Lenses

lTail Switch with LED indicator & Dimmer Switch (Brightness Adjustment is 5%-90%)

lTwist zoom adjuster – spot/flood

lShockproof aluminium construction

l‘O’ ring sealed waterproofing

l1 Mode – ON/OFF ONLY

lEasy Interchangeable LED pill system

lLow maintenance – High performance

lBattery:1x 18650,3.7V

lSize:45mm (HD) 30mm (BD)30mm(TD)165mm (L)



lUF-2001D featurefresnel lens focusing technology. Utilize short focal length micro-structured Fresnel optical elements, which are thinner and more focused than ordinary lenses, with stronger light penetration, more uniform distribution, and farther light.Twist the head to switch from a broad flood beam to a focused beam.


lIR850nm vs IR940nm

Not all infrared cameras and night vision goggles can receive 940nm infrared light. This is because 940nm is much further away from the visible spectrum than 850nm, which makes it harder for camera sensors to pick up. Check that the camera device you are using is compatible before purchasing.*Please beware that: you won’t see any light with your bare eyes (only a small and faint red glow on the LED to show you that the torch is on).


lVcsel 850nm/940nm LED today’s smallest and most advanced infrared LED with high efficiency, low thermal resistance.It can produce a powerful punch with approximately 200-1000 meters+ range with focused beam.(The farthest can reach more than 1000 meters.)


lWeather Resistance & Shockproof-The torch body is made from aircraft-grade aluminum which is then low temperature (-20o C) Hard Anodized tactical black., designed for harsh outdoor environments.


lThe UF-2001D flashlight has an adjustable focus from spot to flood. This adjustable focus is achieved by screwing the head (rather than push/pull) so the torch is more resistant to recoil on heavy rifle calibers if mounted on a frearm.


lThe UF2001D is the newest upgraded version of the T20 infrared hunting flashlight. It can be more easily change the color from red light, green light, white light, infrared light, and the latest infrared Vcsel LED module. It meets the different needs of hunting lighting, you can easily replace the modules you need (Additional LED Pills Purchased Separately) . Compatible with all digital & tubed night vision devices including PARD NV007, NV008 ATN PULSAR etc.


    Package A:(With Battery)

       1 X UF2001D IR940nm/850nm/810nm/Vcsel 940nm/850nm Flashlight(optional)

       1 X USB-C Rechargeable 18650 Battery

       1 X Type A- C Cable

       1 X Gift Box

    Package B:(Without Battery)

        1 X UF2001D IR940nm/850nm/810nm/Vcsel 940nm/850nm Flashlight(optional)

    Package C:(Without Flashlight)

       1 X IR940nm/850nm/810nm/Vcsel 940nm/850nm LED Pill for UF-2001D Flashlight(optional)



lPlease use1x 18650 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery. *Note: other type batteries are not suitable for this flashlight/Do not use to avoid damage to the flashlight circuit.

lBattery MUST be inserted positive (+) end in first failure to do so will cause damage and will void your warranty.

lIf the installation is reversed, it is easy to cause a short circuit.

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* Please note that you can defend yourself when you are in danger, but do not hurt other people on purpose.
* Do not shine directly to someone’s eyes, the light may cause blindness.
* Clean and dry the flashlight when liquid damage happens.
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