AI can now do things we used to think only humans could do. So how could this affect the world of work? #AJStartHere with Sandra Gathmann explains.

01:11 – Different types of AI
01:30 – How ChatGPT has changed things
02:26 – What is generative AI?
03:09 – Job losses from AI
03:35 – The types of jobs most at risk from AI
04:33 – Why some jobs could be enhanced by AI
06:03 – The limitations of AI and how it gets things wrong
06:48 – AI and the future

This episode features:
Jack Stilgoe – Professor of Science and Technology Policy, University College London
Yolanda Lannquist – Director of AI Governance, The Future Society
Anka Reuel – Founding member of the Center for AI Risks and Impacts, and PhD student in computer science at Stanford University

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