With Microphone Child Bag Wallet Key Finder 4g Gps Locator 1pc Two-way Search Locator For Dog Cat Animals Mini Remote Monitoring


1. Free APP, remote real-time monitoring

2. Free-scale composite woven collar, reliable and durable

3. Multiple positioning modes, more comprehensive and accurate positioning

4. Set the corresponding supervision number through the APP contact function. For pets who have received voice training from their owners, the shovel officer can communicate and interact with pet time voice or send voice commands to pets through functions such as making phone calls and chatting.

5. The locator comes with a microphone and speaker to facilitate voice interaction between the shovel officer and the pet

6. The mobile phone APP is free to set up an electronic fence. When the pet leaves this area, the APP will prompt the fence to give an alarm.

Package Included:

1 * Locator 1 * Data Cable